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At LIVE ALIVE GLOBAL, we are not only committed to offering you the best Colombian specialty coffee with values ​​of social fabric, environmental responsibility and collaborative economy, but we are also determined to share this passion in very special events. This time we participated in the Tampa Premier Networking Organization, where we shared a complete experience from the Colombian coffee farms to the cup.

Getting to know Tampa Premier Networking Organization:

Tampa Premier Networking Organization is a community of passionate entrepreneurs and professionals who share knowledge, opportunities and experiences in a collaborative environment. At this event, we join this dynamic network to highlight our commitment to specialty coffee and share how we contribute to the social fabric, environmental responsibility and the collaborative economy.

From Colombian Coffee Farms to Your Cup:

During this exclusive event, we shared a journey from the remote coffee farms of Colombia to the comfort of the cup of coffee they consumed. How do we do it?

Connection with Producers: You will meet some of our Colombian farmers and hear their stories and the effort they put into each harvest.

Roasting: We share our roasting process, where the coffee beans acquire their unique flavor and aroma.

Taste and Tasting: We guided them through a coffee tasting experience where they were able to appreciate the exceptional quality and flavor of our specialty coffee.

Environmental Responsibility: We share our vision of sustainability and how we contribute to the protection of the environment on our farms and operations.

Collaborative Economy: How we collaborate with Colombian agriculture and communities to promote economic development and Colombian culture.

Social Fabric and Networking:

The Tampa Premier Networking Organization event is also an opportunity to build meaningful social and professional relationships. You will connect with other entrepreneurs passionate about quality, social responsibility and sustainability. Together, we will share ideas, inspiration and possibilities for collaborations.


At LIVE ALIVE GLOBAL, we are excited to be part of the Tampa Premier Networking Organization and share our passion for Colombian specialty coffee. We invite you to join us on this unique journey from the coffee farms of Colombia to your cup. Together, we can strengthen the social fabric, promote environmental responsibility and foster the collaborative economy while enjoying an exceptional cup of coffee.

Thank you for allowing us to tell you what LIVE ALIVE GLOBAL is!                             

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