Live Alive Colombian Premium Coffee


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Live Alive Coffee

Discover the pure essence of the mountains of southwestern Antioquia, Colombia, in every cup of our exceptionally grown coffee. From the ground to your cup, our coffee takes you on a journey of intense flavors and captivating aromas. Each bean has been carefully selected by hand, enriched by the sun and caressed by the mountain breeze. Our passionate and dedicated local farmers work in harmony with nature to bring you a unique flavor experience. With each sip, the distinctive character of our coffee appears, with balanced flavors of dark chocolate, smooth caramel and a  subtle hint of tropical fruit. Discover a coffee that transcends borders and awakens your senses. Join us on this adventure into the mountains of southwestern Antioquia, where each cup of our coffee carries with it the legacy of a region full of passion and excellence. Enjoy an unparalleled experience with our coffee, made with love from the cradle of Colombian coffee!

Weight 340 g
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